Surviving Marriage Swoon of Honeymoon WorkBook

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Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century Swoon of Honeymoon Workbook - ISBN 978-0997972511

AVAILABLE NOW on AMAZON! Surviving Marriage™ Workbook

Full of Exercises to Help Inspire, Innovate & Ignite Your Marriage!

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  • You’ll learn about time and money constraints to marriage and ways to avoid them.
  • You’ll learn better ways to ask the right questions when looking to have a conversation with your mate
  • You'll learn what is a deal breaker vs imperfections that can be overcome
  • You'll be given several exercises to help you appreciate your mate
  • You’ll gain practical, useful information based on real life experiences from a couple who has survived 28 years of marriage.
  • You will be given separate exercises and asked to come together to discuss