Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century Book

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Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century Paperback - Autographed Copy ISBN-13: 978-0692339114

A humorous parenting playbook that deals with the comedy and lessons of raising kids. Included are stories about bullying, driving, cellphones, sibling bickering, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy and so much more. It is full of tips to help guide parents through this crazy matrix of parenting. The Triplett's have raised three boys, with no baby daddies. It's an easy page turner and great read for :

  • Teens, Preteens and Tweens
  • Parents having a hard time talking to their kids about sex
  • Teachers dealing with students with raging hormones
  • Teenaged Mothers & Fathers
  • Summer Reading Lists
  • Summer Camps
  • Youth Organizations
  • Library Reading Programs

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